Corkcicle X Poketo Stemless 12oz/355m Couple

Corkcicle X Poketo Stemless 12oz/355m Couple

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Makers of design-centric goods to cultivate a creative lifestyle. The L.A. based cool kids of Poketo make “art for your everyday”. Together, we’ve developed a series of colourful, graphic drinkware designed to inspire and elevate the way you sip.

Crafted from stainless steel with proprietary triple insulation, Stemless helps keeps your drink of choice cool from the first sip to the last. Perfect for wine, cocktails or tea or coffee. Featuring a unique slip proof silicone bottom, easy-to-grip patented sides and a sliding, spill-resistant lid. Stemless will keep your drinks cold for nine hours and hot or three, even out in the sun.



Stays cool for 2x longer than plastic.

Keeps drinks cold for 9 hours, hot for 3.

Easy-grip flat sides.

Triple insulated.

Cup holder friendly.

Contains a spill-resistant lid.

BPA free.